Under late summer

The grasses are yellow 
and beaten down
They crunch underfoot
I feel that way
worn and brittle.
Out my window
the banks of the river
have become broad 
revealing a natural 
end of life 
pictured evolution 
in fallen trees 

I want for some joy
a break in the
relentless chasm 
of uncertainty
My sense of well-being
chipped away
leaves temper too close
to a cracked surface
stretched too far 
searching for joy
in the minutia
The tightness in my chest
begs for the lightness
of cool winds and steady rain
to temporarily submerge
the evidence of all 
that’s been broken

A Prayer

Her words were petals 
floating down 
from the sturdy tree
that was she
They floated around
and landed in my hair
tickled my nose
slid down my arms
and coverd my toes

In abundance they filled 
the empty spaces 
all those between places
especially where I longed
leaving me quite
certain I was not alone
that I belonged 

She that was She
grew up the me 
spindly into strong 
I rose high a
free to be me and
a she that was She
with petals that
floated down 
in and all around 
tender to surround

Inspired by Eugi’s Prompt “Petals”


Parked at the Airport

He soared past me
The spread of his wings
breaking rambling thoughts
Landing high above 
his huge eyes deliberate
blinked half speed 
We stared curious 
then made our apologies
and left as good guests must do
My 4 legged friend and I
had wandered the forest floor
choosing unfamiliar trails
and wading creeks
Nearing the end of 
our adventure
we stepped
from woods to lawns
and settled shaded
butt and belly
in cool grass
It was in the quiet they rose
appearing like single manned 
The dragon flies 
too numerous to count
hummed hovered 
and darted passing 
one another in seemingly
random directions
Visitors bemused we
had landed in the midst of
a bustling air field
When no collisions occurred
I wondered if the owl
was an off-duty
air traffic controller


Why does joy fade
but embarrassing moments
etch memory’s blackboard

Picked almost last

Joyfully performed 
for Dad –
he mumbled and left

Little girl, crying desperate
had to pee in the dirt
behind the family car

Teacher to the class 
She would have done better 
on a True False test 
had she just guessed

Humiliation unforgotten
in synapse tattoos

From Eugi’s promp “Unforgotten”


Network Poetry Prompt

I like poetry prompts
They force one to 
look at their feelings 
and biases
Network feels like business
And I don’t like the 
business side 
of business
Even though 
my wallet favors it
It is a forced march
Feelings deeper than
I could pin up a piñata
sick a sign on it
that says Network
and happily bash it to bits
I could maybe then get 
a sweet taste in my mouth
Grappling with the 
sweet and the sour
my friend
reminded me
that trees have 
an intricate dare I say 

From Eugi’s weekly poetry prompt “Network”

Things that come to an End

Sometimes things go on 
too long
Stomach aches
though it was really just 
24 hours
Painful relationships
Leaky grocery bags
a long way from home
Bad Hot Dogs
Computer glitches 
that require someone else to fix
Burbs and hiccups
-maybe the hot dogs
A flat tire
in the pouring rain
Luggage lost
in a foreign country
Panic attacks
Slow forward
These things 
come to an end
Maybe that’s why
they say patience 
is a virtue and
there is
a bright side to
nothing lasts forever

A Blue Black Calling

Yellows fade to coral
to pale blue to grey
eventually to the
blue black twilight
that signals a quieting
a beguiling darkness
a pull to rest
But lights wink on
pots and pans clatter
and we reclaim our place
eluding the night
We resist with profession 
and pleasures
pages and passions
’til the undertow 
of blackness can be
defeated no more 
and we relinquish our
undertakings to the 
emptying day

In response to Eugi’s prompt “Twilight”-nhttps://amanpan.com/2021/07/01/eugis-weekly-prompt-twilight-july-1-2021/


Be doing all the time
I have subscribed 
and payed the dues
It is said that women 
can multitask
Superior in some way
As if this is a prize
A booby prize
But in all that 
reflection becomes 
a dodo bird
Self care a thing 
we don’t do it 
We have to 
Make time
As if life allowed us
to add minutes
to the meter
Perhaps we forget
that living life isn’t 
in the doing
but in the noticing


Kinda squoozed out
Feelin the stress
of being drawn out
day after day
Wrinkly skin
Kinda bent over
Lookin’ at my buddy
Hoping he’s
not noticing
that I’m getting
used up and
wanna give me
the brush off
Missing my sleek
smooth exterior
all glossy and fine
plumped up
full of myself
You look and feel
all ready for
Even if you’re