The clock teeters 
on the brink between
night and day
I between 
awake and sleep
I open my door
to midnight
one last nod
a grateful farewell
thus squeezing just a 
little more out 
of this day
I stand enfolded
in tranquil darkness
wrapped in sky 
The lights in my abode
diminished behind me
Lights from other lives
reach out across 
the blackness
shed on what and whom
I do not know
but wonder sometimes
Then like some familiar task
with barely a thought 
I let go
I wander back inside
shutter the door
slip into bed
and fall over the edge
into the oncoming day

Written from Eugi’s prompt “Midnight” https://amanpan.com/2021/08/19/eugis-weekly-prompt-midnight-august-19-2021/


Be doing all the time
I have subscribed 
and payed the dues
It is said that women 
can multitask
Superior in some way
As if this is a prize
A booby prize
But in all that 
reflection becomes 
a dodo bird
Self care a thing 
we don’t do it 
We have to 
Make time
As if life allowed us
to add minutes
to the meter
Perhaps we forget
that living life isn’t 
in the doing
but in the noticing


Kinda squoozed out
Feelin the stress
of being drawn out
day after day
Wrinkly skin
Kinda bent over
Lookin’ at my buddy
Hoping he’s
not noticing
that I’m getting
used up and
wanna give me
the brush off
Missing my sleek
smooth exterior
all glossy and fine
plumped up
full of myself
You look and feel
all ready for
Even if you’re

My Story

I am a Book
worth reading
A collection 
of lines  
My type 
defines my form
Lines stretch 
out from 
my sturdy spine 
to tell my 
brilliant story

My tale is filled 
with transformation
At the beginning 
my character 
bursts on to the scene
open to each day
Throughout my story
my nature alters 
inevitably with each
passing season
Alas, in the end I 
become empty
and my intricate 
mysteries are

If you study
the utter beauty
of my life story
birth to epitaph
you will truly 
know me
You see
chlorophyll fills
my tender veins 
ebbing until I
reach my end
In closing
my cover 
dry as dust
I float away
from view
to become part 
of all things

Even you
I am a Leaf



Subtly shifting 
mirrored glass
Trees upside down
Their counters
point upward
You see the whole
You need not decide
what will be
your reality

Life is not a picture
but a painting
in action 
The end you cannot 
see in entirety 
No perfect image
reflects your paths

Even when you choose
you may find yourself 
pointing down
or upward 

The wise will not
reflect on what
might have been
but will decide 
the direction
pointing forward
is best

Note- I struggle with choice. I am the careful chooser, weighing over and over. They say trust your heart. My heart is so embattled that I’m not sure she has my interests “at heart.”

Written from Eugi’s Thursday prompt- today’s is “Reflections past and present” You will find it here. https://amanpan.com/2021/04/15/eugis-weekly-prompt-reflections-april-15-2021/


Dogs know how to play
They slap their paws 
down to the ground 
with their buttocks in the air
Even their fur stands 
at the ready

Children play
They let their hearts desires
run amok climbing, giggling
imagining worlds where they
can be whatever they choose

Squirrels play
They chase each other
arms of little daredevils 
splayed out
to catch air
as they fly across 
branch to branch
exchanging who chases who
at a whim

I am excellent at
I go to the movies, 
I take trips
I meet for adult 
laugh and smile
But I would like to know
what day I gave up
running amok and
imagining worlds
so that I might
go back and
set an alarm 
for the the next day
to amok again

from Eugi’s prompt-

But What of the Ordinary

Be great, be amazing 
be famous, affect the change, 
be unstoppable
But what of the ordinary
quiet one that speaks no words
but smiles at a child
What of the workman
that drops the bucket
picks up the dirt
driving away as 
the sun descends
The hole is bigger
but you might not notice
What of the person that
makes the smallest 
change for good
and lives content
in the shadows 

I have lived in the spotlight
had some small 
measure of fame
There is no greatness
You know your secrets
You do what you can
because you can
Being in the way you can
There is no more