Things that come to an End

Sometimes things go on 
too long
Stomach aches
though it was really just 
24 hours
Painful relationships
Leaky grocery bags
a long way from home
Bad Hot Dogs
Computer glitches 
that require someone else to fix
Burbs and hiccups
-maybe the hot dogs
A flat tire
in the pouring rain
Luggage lost
in a foreign country
Panic attacks
Slow forward
These things 
come to an end
Maybe that’s why
they say patience 
is a virtue and
there is
a bright side to
nothing lasts forever

Dawning Light

What if the dawning 
light of morning
was all the souls
of the past
joining together
to make a beginning

deep inside they say
we can all remember
the beginning
Our beginning

It is a breath giving light
that morning dawn
Remember when you
go to sleep tonight
that all that joy
and togetherness

A Proclamation and Pledge

for Those Who Do Not Dance

Awkward people unite!
We hereby proclaim 
that we shall 
not be dancers

We agree to step 
far away from 
the dance floor
We further agree to take 
our two left feet
set ourselves upon
our chairs and
plant those appendages
firmly on the floor

Thereby and thenceforth
we agree to remain 
far away from the temptation
to throw caution to the wind
We take no chance that we 
may become infected
with this annoying
delight in movement
to some intoxicating music
We hold and affirm  
that particular expression
is for other people

With this pledge we
take no risk to 
look foolish 
Those who bask 
in the joy far from
their daily grind clearly
have special talents
not possessed by us

With this proclamation
we shall be free in our 
decision to forever avoid
all such consequences

You may hereby
sign below

The fine print- 
Tapping your toe
under the table
is permitted provided
a room is dark and
no one is looking

This poem was written from the prompt “Dance” by Eugi

As it happens I teach dance and have seen hundreds of people sit in their chairs as they at the same time lean toward the floor and tap their feet. I see the wrestling in their mind as to whether or not to join in. The phrase “Two Left Feet” has become the catch phrase.

Our culture has a strong aversion to embarrassment and this plays out particularly in dance,
The truth is, yes some people learn more easily and dance is not for everyone. And in truth, learning something new is a place where we expose our vulnerabilities. Everything takes time to learn, but the joy in a measure of success is worth it.

We should do more of it.

Waltz of the Distant Lovers

There they joined from distant cities
by his casual request to meet
on a ship’s wooden planked deck 
for a sweet simple old waltz
A canopy of strung up lights 
mingled with crystal constellations 
A playful swell of waves 
rose and fell beneath them 
unbalancing certain steps 
and dislodging reserve
Sparkling notes drifted out 
on humid air
carrying their bodies 
to an intimate time
They did not miss the grandeur
of life’s elegance to deeply inhale
Bold eyes intersected, 
then shyly broke away
His hands more firmly pressed her body
in deftly guiding gliding motion   
Salty warm Caribbean breezes 
caressed their heated faces and
with gusty fingers tangled her hair
Impressed by a lower latitude
the crescent moon lay on its back 
and bestowed a satisfied smile