Like a motion picture movie
a myriad of images roll
through my consciousness
A funny thing how wrinkles
can make you look back
Looking forward is missing
the grandiose hope of 
a younger woman
Now it comes in 
much smaller portions
like lunch on Tuesday

I remember the view 
from my driveway 
or can imagine
what it was to look from 
across the street at
the little girl alone
on the driveway 
focusing on the textures 
in the concrete 
That feeling familiar, 
as I sit on the sofa 
watching moving pictures 
of other people not alone

Written from the Moonwashed Musings Prompt “Picturesque”


  1. A beautiful heartfelt poem, Lili! How touching is its understanding of the feelings of self and others. ❤ I believe we are still that little girl or boy we used to be. We can tap into moments in the past and feel the emotions we felt back then.

    I remember my balloon breaking on a rose bush at age three, falling out of a willow tree at age four, and twirling at age five in the red circular skirt my grandma made. I remember how it feels to be a child, and I sense that you do too. ❤

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Inevitably, our past is tied up with our present. Some one once said the dirty little secret is that there are no grownups. That made me smile. Sorry for your ballon though. 🙂

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