The clock teeters 
on the brink between
night and day
I between 
awake and sleep
I open my door
to midnight
one last nod
a grateful farewell
thus squeezing just a 
little more out 
of this day
I stand enfolded
in tranquil darkness
wrapped in sky 
The lights in my abode
diminished behind me
Lights from other lives
reach out across 
the blackness
shed on what and whom
I do not know
but wonder sometimes
Then like some familiar task
with barely a thought 
I let go
I wander back inside
shutter the door
slip into bed
and fall over the edge
into the oncoming day

Written from Eugi’s prompt “Midnight” https://amanpan.com/2021/08/19/eugis-weekly-prompt-midnight-august-19-2021/

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