It’s late summer
The light has faded
I feel a deep 
sigh coming on
Fields of tall 
grasses yellowed
falling over in
heat exhaustion
Bright red berry laden
branches fill thickets
The black berries
already withered
on wild vines
Yellow jackets old
fly confused 
And there right 
before me relief
Evidence of a
changing guard
A garnet leaf 
amid the
papery green 
A signal that Fall 
is on the march


The clock teeters 
on the brink between
night and day
I between 
awake and sleep
I open my door
to midnight
one last nod
a grateful farewell
thus squeezing just a 
little more out 
of this day
I stand enfolded
in tranquil darkness
wrapped in sky 
The lights in my abode
diminished behind me
Lights from other lives
reach out across 
the blackness
shed on what and whom
I do not know
but wonder sometimes
Then like some familiar task
with barely a thought 
I let go
I wander back inside
shutter the door
slip into bed
and fall over the edge
into the oncoming day

Written from Eugi’s prompt “Midnight”

Under late summer

The grasses are yellow 
and beaten down
They crunch underfoot
I feel that way
worn and brittle.
Out my window
the banks of the river
have become broad 
revealing a natural 
end of life 
pictured evolution 
in fallen trees 

I want for some joy
a break in the
relentless chasm 
of uncertainty
My sense of well-being
chipped away
leaves temper too close
to a cracked surface
stretched too far 
searching for joy
in the minutia
The tightness in my chest
begs for the lightness
of cool winds and steady rain
to temporarily submerge
the evidence of all 
that’s been broken

A Prayer

Her words were petals 
floating down 
from the sturdy tree
that was she
They floated around
and landed in my hair
tickled my nose
slid down my arms
and coverd my toes

In abundance they filled 
the empty spaces 
all those between places
especially where I longed
leaving me quite
certain I was not alone
that I belonged 

She that was She
grew up the me 
spindly into strong 
I rose high a
free to be me and
a she that was She
with petals that
floated down 
in and all around 
tender to surround

Inspired by Eugi’s Prompt “Petals”