Parked at the Airport

He soared past me
The spread of his wings
breaking rambling thoughts
Landing high above 
his huge eyes deliberate
blinked half speed 
We stared curious 
then made our apologies
and left as good guests must do
My 4 legged friend and I
had wandered the forest floor
choosing unfamiliar trails
and wading creeks
Nearing the end of 
our adventure
we stepped
from woods to lawns
and settled shaded
butt and belly
in cool grass
It was in the quiet they rose
appearing like single manned 
The dragon flies 
too numerous to count
hummed hovered 
and darted passing 
one another in seemingly
random directions
Visitors bemused we
had landed in the midst of
a bustling air field
When no collisions occurred
I wondered if the owl
was an off-duty
air traffic controller

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