From Here

It’s from near the top
that I can look 
out over the mountain 
I’ve climbed
From here I can
barely make out the 
lost child
looking for place
knowing even then
there was
such a high 
to climb

I see the young woman 
bewildered with
how much farther to go
scrambling on shale
frustrated scratched
torn from broken rock
searching for love
Always searching for love

I can see her raising 
her child
showing that love
is possible
from the first of breakfast  
to the last of dinner
to the kiss at night
Reaching for 
secure handholds

I see the middle 
aged woman
finding the climb is
on firm ground
lightly jumping 
a small stream
as wildflowers sparsely 
spring up along side 
her feet

And now, seated
in the grass
soft tendrils 
kiss my legs
I can look up
and look down
There is
beauty above 
and below
The wildflowers
spread about
offer comfort
to sadness and 
as the best
of friends 
they wave their
measures of joy 
and celebration
I wrap my arms
around myself
I am my place
The mountain

From Eugi’s weekly prompt “Viewpoint”

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