My Story

I am a Book
worth reading
A collection 
of lines  
My type 
defines my form
Lines stretch 
out from 
my sturdy spine 
to tell my 
brilliant story

My tale is filled 
with transformation
At the beginning 
my character 
bursts on to the scene
open to each day
Throughout my story
my nature alters 
inevitably with each
passing season
Alas, in the end I 
become empty
and my intricate 
mysteries are

If you study
the utter beauty
of my life story
birth to epitaph
you will truly 
know me
You see
chlorophyll fills
my tender veins 
ebbing until I
reach my end
In closing
my cover 
dry as dust
I float away
from view
to become part 
of all things

Even you
I am a Leaf


Dawning Light

What if the dawning 
light of morning
was all the souls
of the past
joining together
to make a beginning

deep inside they say
we can all remember
the beginning
Our beginning

It is a breath giving light
that morning dawn
Remember when you
go to sleep tonight
that all that joy
and togetherness


I placed my hand 
on the grass
and stroked the 
fine threads of 
new green
The center of 
my palm eager
was delighted by
the ticklish sensation
while my fingertips
itched to reach
into the soil and
be touched by
the cool dampness
The back of 
my hand
watched it all
from a little 
higher up and 
in the knowing
that comes from 
letting the sun in

From Here

It’s from near the top
that I can look 
out over the mountain 
I’ve climbed
From here I can
barely make out the 
lost child
looking for place
knowing even then
there was
such a high 
to climb

I see the young woman 
bewildered with
how much farther to go
scrambling on shale
frustrated scratched
torn from broken rock
searching for love
Always searching for love

I can see her raising 
her child
showing that love
is possible
from the first of breakfast  
to the last of dinner
to the kiss at night
Reaching for 
secure handholds

I see the middle 
aged woman
finding the climb is
on firm ground
lightly jumping 
a small stream
as wildflowers sparsely 
spring up along side 
her feet

And now, seated
in the grass
soft tendrils 
kiss my legs
I can look up
and look down
There is
beauty above 
and below
The wildflowers
spread about
offer comfort
to sadness and 
as the best
of friends 
they wave their
measures of joy 
and celebration
I wrap my arms
around myself
I am my place
The mountain

From Eugi’s weekly prompt “Viewpoint”


So long ago
I held a child
Her breathing
a sign of motherhood
In all that
beauty and joy
she was but skin
body and bone
The soft blanket
not armor
nor fortress
And I neither
fortune teller
nor army
I was the
of love and life
I could only
be brave

Paradise is Anywhere

is anywhere
I let the light in

Clear lake 
shimmering water 
over my warmed toes
lily pads crown the surface
aligned on the dock
rowboats bob
gently knock

Daughter hug 
so deep and 
awareness dawns
that all the arguments 
and missteps
can come to this

Heated rays 
rosy on my face
twilight follows
with it 
a quieting embrace 
of evening

The peony’s tightly
protected bud
splits open
revealing a 
so big 
you wonder
how all that
could be contained

is anywhere 
I let the light in

Penned from Eugi’s weekly prompt
This week “Paradise”

Spork Questions

I was born
of two normal parents
But somehow, I am
Other implements
look, and then look away
There is no place in the 
divided drawer
for me
I was given a 
little cloth pillow case
at birth to hide in
but it leaves me solitary
and alone 
and despite my outward
I was made for
living in company
nestled closely to others
Yes, I can be grateful
I am taken out for
a lunch box or picnic
But you would never
see me carefully placed
on a formal dinner table
exacting millimeters 
from my cousins
The future has me worried
Who will become
my partner
Who will be right for me
Who will want me
Who will be willing to
build a life with more slots
in the silverware drawer

My Name Goes to Tea

Imagine that!
This body I wear
out and about
has a name!

To be precise
this name was 
owned before
I don’t mind
No need to
dust it off
for wearing
History carries
a certain virtue
one wouldn’t
want to ill place

Liliann and Georgia Ann
wore this name to tea
and so shall I
In reverence to
those ladies
I shall require
two sweet teaspoons

Stir it up
And never you mind
about the spelling


What are flutters
but cycles of life
Times quick breaths
of ins and outs
Eyes flutter 
flashing invitations
to be witnessed
Butterflies flutter 
at first stretch 
of new wings
Baby elephant 
ears flutter
Petals debut 
flutter then fly 
in flurries
Knees flutter 
Morse tapping 
out histories
Hearts flutter
even and uneven
in a heralding 
The tiniest of 
elements flutter
Life in concert 
Join in the chorus
All together now

From Eugi’s prompt “Flutter”