Soundtrack 1

Pieces of music spin
in my mind 
The invisible DJ
chooses a tune 
with no announcement
and then does
his best impression 
of Rumplestiltskin
for hours
or even days
leaving the tune to run
as a backdrop
to my breathing
I get to annoy him
by playing tunes
louder than his
A battle to win
the day’s soundtrack
But he has his revenge
Ear worms are his specialty

Soundtrack 2

It’s Union Station
in my head
baggage flying
around juggled by
eager porters
Outings might 
be the worst
My Mom likes to 
tag along
on these trips
She’s long gone
but her voice
is very alive
Train cases
of commentary
Shouldn’t someone 
bathe that dog?
Why would they 
think they could choose 
that to wear?
He should get a haircut
I attempt to squeeze in
a cosmetic tote reply
to her critiques
A reminder 
to be kinder
more accepting
Truth be told
I should cop to 
carrying her luggage
Those leather bags
covered in ugly stickers
never seem 
to wear out
I don’t like people 
to see them
I’d like to leave
these suitcase
on the platform
walk away
OMG those heels
are fabulous

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