Produce Nightmares

I looked in horror
across the aisles 
Tragedy was 
A bunch
of bananas
were bound 
and gagged with
little stickers across 
their muted mouths
Right next door
the grapes were locked 
inside a plastic bag.
They had provided
air holes, but they 
could not escape
without help
Sweet berries
were caged
lined up in rows
Containment practices
to keep the unruly
from getting away
Tender skinned
zucchini looked no better
Gooey labels marked 
whether they were 
from the 
best crops
The rest 
tried to hide
under the peppers
but it was no use
Everywhere fruits and
vegetables were tagged
and made numbers
Eventually tossed onto
the conveyor and carried out
to an unknown fate

The invention of fruit stickers is undoubtedly a great help to those responsible to quickly identify and ring up vegetables and fruits. B

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