Waltz of the Distant Lovers

There they joined from distant cities
by his casual request to meet
on a ship’s wooden planked deck 
for a sweet simple old waltz
A canopy of strung up lights 
mingled with crystal constellations 
A playful swell of waves 
rose and fell beneath them 
unbalancing certain steps 
and dislodging reserve
Sparkling notes drifted out 
on humid air
carrying their bodies 
to an intimate time
They did not miss the grandeur
of life’s elegance to deeply inhale
Bold eyes intersected, 
then shyly broke away
His hands more firmly pressed her body
in deftly guiding gliding motion   
Salty warm Caribbean breezes 
caressed their heated faces and
with gusty fingers tangled her hair
Impressed by a lower latitude
the crescent moon lay on its back 
and bestowed a satisfied smile

2 thoughts on “Waltz of the Distant Lovers

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