The word speaks

Come it says
I’m offering 
to gently
wrap my 
around yours
My hands 
are open
and empty
available to 
hold yours
My ears 
are waiting as
I come to you
to listen 
I bring
passion for 
your way
what you need
in the now
respect for
the where
you are
you’ve been
I am compassion
I am here

Writing from Eugi’s weekly prompt- compassion-

A Privilege

I was there watching
the Fall unfold
when a single leaf
detached and floated down
landing gently with the others
It occurred to me that 
it’s a privilege
to watch an end
a quiet letting go
such as this

I remember another time
When my mother
took her last breath
She was in fact already gone
merely kept alive in hope
It mattered to be there
The letting go then was mine
in that precious moment
and in the months following

It seems I am
always I letting go 
of a love, a home
and a body picture
I can not sustain
as the years slide by
I cry, I bemoan
resist again 
and yet again 
and then one day
when I’m not looking
I let go and move on
with barely an afterthought 
Until the inevitable next
clash of what was
hiding behind
broken armor yields
what is to be

I imagine someday I will let go
with fight, reluctance
resignation or joy?
What was will pass
except for those who witness
I will release and float down
I will take that last journey
only the privileged can know
and settle into the wide arms
of vast generations


Seasons creep up on you
you take the long bleary
look out across summer
spy that blood red leaf
and think you know about fall
Until the air bites with a chill
at your neck and the 
clinging leaves
circle your ankles
The darkness descends
and the line between
night and day slithers away
Jack’s lanterns appear
on stoops their ghoulish smiles
tarry ’til nighttime
Did you know they roll 
to their victims?
And the pumpkin slime
on the lanes?
Some lucky one that got away
Skeletons appear in yards
graveside planning parties 
while we sleep
Be wary
All Hallows eve approaches
monsters and ghosts freely
stamping passports on the earth
mingle with playful children
Did you know chocolate
pairs well with hemo-goblin?

From the “Halloween” prompt here-

Day Full

It was a day full
romping in sand
surf splashing
on worn jeans
loping on dirt paths 
sunlight patterned
in company of leafed limbs
towering white
my companion
bounded along beside
chasing wildlife
real and imagined
too late to catch
nonetheless undaunted 
A day full of
quiet bubbly laughs
escaping lips
few heard
At the end 
night gently descended
deapening shadows painting
worn wooden floors
the soft bed cradled
we basked completed
in the afterglow

From Eugi’s prompt “Afterglow”


I don nut see
and I don nut smell but
I know they call me plump
and that’s ok by me
I use a lot of sprinkles and sugar 
But I have a hole
in my soul and my 
baker knowing my weakness
fills me to the top
with cremes and jams
gently rounding out
those negative spaces
To be sure I am not alone
and know where I fit in
Place me under glass 
with all my fellows
We to be the chosen ones
seen then adored

A little sweet silliness from the above picture visual prompt-

It’s Late (working title)

It is late
Through summer
I wagged at magpies
caught the warm rains
as they flooded 
down my back 
I basked in golden glows
many times over
Watched squirrels
leaping to and fro
in a dance to music
they only hear
Lent a hand to spiders
nimble paintings
And now, Autumn
I feel a deep surrender
My green skin
dries and turns 
illuminated gold
I die as I float down
landing softly
without tears
or regret
to gently cradle the 
oncoming snows

From Eugi’s Prompt “Autumn”

Laugh Outloud

You, my furry friend
make me laugh out loud
Forget my lost in thoughts
that go nowhere
serving up import  
and quandary obscuring
effervescence and presence

You bound on the bed
prance and wag
place your paws
upon my shoulders
locking eyes to eyes
missiles of mischief

Your voice and body
dogspeak louder than 
Merriam ever could
Let’s have joy woman!
Let’s have fun!
The time is only now!

From Eugi’s Blogtober Prompt-

The Tower

As I ascend the steep staircase
ever turning to the right
in this ancient tower
I don’t think about the 
jostling tourbus or 
the pages in my hand
I think about all the people 
living, dead or long dead
who scuffed wells 
into the stone treads
I lay my hands
to the walls
and I can feel them
They live here these souls
in the touch of their fingers
as they steadied their climb
I feel them in 
their distant voices
echoing off the stone walls
And now I am yet 
one more voice
in this ancient chorus


The winds and steady rain
came last night
tugging on the leafs connection
between spring and
the colder now
So many connections
broken witnessed by
leaves unteathered scattered
across wet pavement

I feel disconnected these days
separation between me
and familiar joys
and easy distractions
Now I find myself
fading emptying
delicate veins appearing
praying for a spring that
will be too long coming

Tiny Nutty Things

To eat a sesame bagel
I must toast
and then slather on 
the soft cheese
The crunch and the smooth
melding on my tongue
Remaining are the seeds
scattered like beautiful 
random memories
dotting the plate
These little remnants 
opportune bliss
against all that 
I have gathered
in pain and duty
I moisten a finger
and attract the seeds
in ones and twos
laying them unhurried
on my tongue 
these tiny nutty 
little things 
In that quieting space
I remember and
I can feel that much is 
still fine and truly well